Special Offer Nature made color at the service of the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.



We are AICACOLOR, the only Peruvian manufacturerstrategically  located in Quillabamba-La Convencion Valley- Cusco Region, which is exclusively devoted to the extraction of annatto seed pigment and turmeric root. La Convención Valley in Cuzco has the best production of annatto seed area in the country. 95% of its production is destined for exportation

We are the main suppliers of the best quality of natural colors for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry in Peru, to the world

Nature brings color to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.


In AICACOLOR, we focus on improving every resource, and it´s a way to diversify our variety of natural colors, according to the requirements of the international norms.
Thanks to an efficient communication strategy, we develop strong commercial relationships with our clients.
Quality, opportunity and service are the pillars that distinguish our work and support and which allow us to be strategic partners.

Our experience and certified quality allow us to satisfy the most demanding markets.


In AICACOLOR, we are convinced that our strengthens and grows when we invest on our most valuable resource: our Human Resource, with them we are  in continuous search of new processes, new products and in search of optimizing our processes to better serve our clients.

Certified quality and experience to satisfy the most demanding markets.