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Bixin is a natural colorant extracted from annatto. It’s mainly used in food, cosmetic, nutritional and pharmaceutical industry to color cheese, margarines, sausages, mayonnaise, pastry, solar protection, among others. Generally Bixin is used in any product which oily phase prevails.
The Bixin components offer color range from yellow tenuous to reddish orange, according the concentration used.

Concentration: 30%, 80 %and 90 %
We can also work fewer concentrations-these formulations for concentrations less than 20 % use different vegetal oils and poliglycerides.


Norbixin is the natural color extracted by saponification of annatto. It is  mainly used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutritional and food industry to color food in watery process like sodas, fruit flesh, yogurt and gelatin, among others.

Concentration: 40% to 75%
We offer water soluble and acid stability solutions.


Oleoresins are oily extracts obtained from spices or plants which give color, flavor and spicy perception to food.

Oleoresins can be extracted from different parts of the plant like leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, etc.

Oleoresins are the favorite subsidies for traditional spices in the food industry.

We produce oleoresins from paprika, curcumin crystal and derivate solutions.